The Rainwater discovery
- and the wine variety thereof

"Rainwater", as a wine trade mark, has been used for approximately two centuries, especially in the U.S.A. market. In the 18th century, Madeira wine was shipped in casks. Docks did not exist in Madeira then. The casks were taken to the pebbled beach and were left there, awaiting the arrival of the boats, which would then take them to the ships passing Madeira, bound for various destinations. On a certain occasion, a shipment of Madeira wine was to be made to Savannah in the U.S.A. It happened that the casks were left on the beach far a long time.

The Wine Lable and Coat of Arms of the Cossart - Gordon Wine Merchants
The wine lable that decided to bear the name Rainwater. The company Cossart, Gordon & C, Limitada, were one of the longest standing winehouses in Madeira to use this name.
During that year there was heavy rainfall and water was absorbed by the wood of the casks. In America the buyer noted a different taste in the wine, caused by the rainwater, which altered the alcohol content of the wine.
Despite the fact that he initially complained, soon thereafter, he found that he liked it.
The shippers explained the reason for the difference in the quality and taste, and thereafter they called it "Rainwater".



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