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Frequently asked questions
1. What is Madeira-Shopping.com?
2. Is Madeira-Shopping.com available in Portuguese?
3. How do I find my way around Madeira-Shopping.com?
4. How do I find the item Iím looking for?
5. How do I order from Madeira-Shopping.com?
6. How do I know how my order is progressing?
7. How do I cancel an order?
8. Are my transactions and personal information safe at Madeira-Shopping.com?

1. What is Madeira-Shopping.com?

A book, music, cakes, maps, arts & crafts, wine and toys shop. Concentrating mainly on locally produced products of Madeira Island. We are open twenty-four hours a day, 7 days a week.

2. Is Madeira-Shopping.com available in Portuguese?

No. Not yet. We hope to provide a Portuguese version in a year or two.

3. How do I find my way around Madeira-Shopping.com?

The site works like a shop with several departments for BOOKS, MUSIC, CAKES, MAPS, WINES, and so on. Your first step is to take the lift to your desired department. So, click on BOOKS, MUSIC, CAKES, MAPS, WINES and it will take you to the department where you want to buy or browse. Each department has its own products.

Clicking on the Madeira-Shopping.com logo (top left-hand of the screen) will always take you back to your home page.

4. How do I find the item I'm looking for?

At first glanceÖ

  1. SEARCH - top.
  2. BROWSE - bottom.

Searching for products

  1. If you know the book you are looking for, simply use SEARCH at the top.
  2. Click on the link.
  3. Fill in the keyword and submit.
  4. You will find every instance of that keyword(s) in our catalog on the ensuing page.


5. How do I order from Madeira-Shopping.com?

In 6 simple steps, easy to follow on Madeira Shopping's pages.

  1. Simply click the PRESS TO ORDER button underneath the product you would like to buy.
  2. Once you have finished browsing and adding products to your shopping basket, click VIEW ORDERS on the top side of your screen. It will show everything in your basket, with prices and a subtotal. (DELIVERY CHARGES not included yet). You can check the contents of your basket at any time, on any page, by clicking VIEW ORDERS.
  3. If you wish, you can remove items from your basket at this stage. You can also reduce or increase your number of purchases by changing the quantity in the QTY COLUMN.
  4. After you are sure of your order click on the CHECK OUT or SECURE CHECK OUT button.
  5. After this, fill in the form and pick your delivery option.
  6. Now you are ready to finalise your order. Click the SUBMIT or SECURE SUBMIT button on the fill in order form page. You will then be presented the final order totals including the shipping charge as per the country you chose on the fill in form.

    The charge sheet looks like this:

                   GRAND TOTAL

  7. Finally, YOU MUST PRESS THE PLACE ORDER button to complete the order process.
  8. You will receive a copy of the form in your email immediately afterwards. Moreover, you will also be able to print you sales invoice straight off from the screen.

6. How do I know how my order is progressing?

Please send an email to order_status@madeira-shopping.com quoting your invoice number on the email you received immediately after you placed the order.

7. How do I cancel an order?

While browsing, you can add as many items to your shopping basket as you wish. You get an opportunity later, on VIEW ORDERS, to remove items, or to clear your basket if you need to.

Once you have clicked PLACE ORDER and made the order you cannot cancel items any more.



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